New Management Training for Those Suddenly In Charge


"A bad boss or supervisor is the number one reason people quit their jobs." (Gallup)

See why global leaders like General Motors, New Balance and Best Buy rely on Roberta Matuson, leading management authority and author of the best-selling, Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around, and Talent Magnetism: How to Build a Workplace That Attracts and Keeps the Best for advice on talent. Roberta has personally coached and trained thousands of managers and executives across the globe and is available to come to your organization to present this learning program, which inspires people to take immediate action.

Congratulations! You’ve done a great job for your employer and you are being rewarded with a promotion! While being promoted (especially to a management role) is exciting, the transition can be nerve-wracking too. A promotion to a leadership, supervisory or management position, especially over your former peers, brings unexpected challenges.

Maybe you don’t really know what is expected of you.

How you deal with and report to your bosses is brand new territory. You’re no longer representing only your own work, but your whole team’s as well. You are responsible to the higher up for all the work underneath you, and this can be a huge new challenge for a novice.

Maybe you don’t know how to make difficult management decisions affecting your team and keep morale high at the same time.

Maybe you got promoted over your friends or peers and you either sense their resentment or feel pressure to create a “posse” of your former peers… you are just not sure how to make the new relationships work well for you and the company.

We know – The reality is leadership is complex to start with, and when you add these concerns on top of it, it can be overwhelming.

According to more than 60% of new leaders don’t get any training at all. And even if your organization does provide some training, it often comes too late and lacks a focus on leadership skills that can help you become effective in communicating with, collaborating with, and coaching your team.

And the sad truth is that 40% of new managers fail within the first 18 months of promoting them. Why? Because they don’t get the training they need to:

In other words, many people get promoted because they are good at their former, non-supervisory job—good at the “doing”—not because they can actually manage people or projects and report to the higher-ups.

Now, there’s a place where first-time managers can learn the kinds of things it usually takes years to learn—At Move Up / Manage Right Seminars, you can get this crucial, focused, practical management training in only 2 days.

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Move Up / Manage Right Seminars are conducted by Roberta Matuson, President of Matuson Consulting ( Roberta is the author of the international bestseller, Suddenly In Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around (Nicholas Brealey, 2011), a WashingtonPost Top 5 Book for Leaders and, Talent Magnetism (Nicholas Brealey, September 2013). For more than 25 years she has helped leaders in Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, New Balance, The Boston Beer Company and small to medium-size businesses, achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of talent. She is known globally as “The Talent Maximizer.”®

She is a prolific writer who has published more than 400 articles worldwide. Roberta is frequently quoted in The New York Times, Boston Globe,, and The world’s largest employment source, Monster, relies on Roberta for expert advice on talent.

She is a regular contributor to Monster, Staples Small Business Hub, Yahoo! HotJobs and and is one of the top expert bloggers for Fast Company and Forbes.

Move Up / Manage Right Seminars are a powerful, interactive, 2-day workshop, where you can get the professional foundation you need and learn how to:

In an ideal world, new managers would be groomed for their new role prior to stepping into their jobs. However, this is rarely the case. Many people go to bed one evening as a member of the team and wake up the next morning to find they are now managing the team. One of the most challenging and critical tasks new managers face is striking a balance between managing down—dealing with employees—and managing up—reporting to bosses. To add to concerns, there are scores of replacements waiting should you fail. Newly minted managers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from MOVE UP / MANAGE RIGHT Seminars. Though experienced leaders may think they know what a new manager is going through, the truth is that they likely don’t. MOVE UP / MANAGE RIGHT Seminars will help bring veteran managers up-to-date on what it’s like to be newly in charge in the tumultuous world of business today. Veteran leaders will pick up valuable tips on how to successfully navigate in today’s ever-changing world of business.

The first day, new managers are taught the value and importance and tactics of “managing up” – how to report to and work with and for your higher-ups. The second day of training teaches how to “manage down,” – how to lead your own team.

Day 1: Managing Up in a Top-Down World

Let's get one thing straight. Managing Up is not about brown-nosing or becoming the boss' favorite. It's about learning how to work within the confines of an organization to get what you need, while helping your boss and the organization meet their objectives. It's about effectively using influence, and acting with integrity and purpose.

Course Overview

Throughout this highly interactive session, participants will learn and practice ways to effectively manage relationships with those above them in order to increase effectiveness and productivity.

Participants Will Learn

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Day 2: Inspirational Leadership: How to Manage Down Without Tripping Up

In this fast-paced world, you can't afford to tiptoe through management while others run circles around you. You have a small window to hit the ground running.

Course Overview

In this workshop, leaders will explore and discuss the top three skills needed to create winning teams. We'll discuss ways to eliminate obstacles that frequently sidetrack executives and managers. You'll return to your workplace with techniques you can use to immediately boost productivity and profitability.

Participants Will Learn

Your former peers are now your direct reports. Your goal is to get the work done and increase productivity with your team. You want to set mutual goals, reward good performance and give poor performers the needed feedback. Do you know how to be "the boss"?

This management seminar provides you with easy-to-apply tools needed to make a successful transition into your new role. In just two days you will master the practical management know-how—and the confidence—to plan, organize, coach, motivate, delegate and communicate in order to be an effective leader.

Here's your opportunity to establish your presence as a new boss, build credibility and quickly adapt your style to any situation that comes your way.

This seminar will equip you with proven management techniques that you can put to use immediately upon return to your workplace. The skills savvy managers use to plan, organize, communicate and monitor will become part of your toolkit to effectively manage everyday interactions with greater ease throughout your career. You will learn how to leverage your people skills to meet new challenges with increased confidence, respect and power.

Who Should Attend

Managers, team leaders, rising stars, and individuals who want to learn effective techniques for managing relationships with their bosses and key decision-makers in the organization. Executives, business owners, managers, front-line managers, and team leaders who are looking to build champion teams.

Benefits to the organization include:

Participants will be able to:

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